Brand Story

Hi guys,

I'm Dr. Brittany Toole, the creator of Confidently Me Apparel (CMA). I'm honored to have you here! Let me tell you a little more about CMA

Confidently Me Apparel began the latter end of 2017. I was at this awkward place where I wanted to be expressive but didn't know how. Then, randomly as I was scrolling on Facebook, I saw an ad for a t-shirt company. I thought, "Wow, that's cool. I wonder how they did that?" That happenstance event lead to hours and hours of research.

I was so preoccupied with understanding everything about the t-shirt business that I ended my summer romance. Yes! I grew tired of all the questions, subsequent explanations and lack of support or understanding. There's no beef! We ended amicably. ♥️

Once I was comfortable with my research, I decided on a name - Confidently Me Apparel. All of my early designs of CMA started with "I am", followed by an affirming word or phrase. I loved it and it was received well by my family and friends, the only people I marketed CMA to initially. 

While I was creating CMA, I started a scholarship- The Dr. Brittany Toole Math & Science Scholarship- through the educational foundation at my alma mater to serve underrepresented and underprivileged students majoring in a math or science.

This was a special moment for me. Following stints of homelessness in my youth, I had no clue how I'd pay for undergraduate school. Because of scholarship donors, I was able to earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Chemistry without debt. The Dr. Brittany Toole Math & Science Scholarship was my way to say, "Thank you". 

I combined CMA with the Dr. Brittany Toole Math & Science Scholarship to create more scholarships and serve more students. It worked! We have helped 12 students continue their degree in Math or Science.

I'm relaunching Confidently Me Apparel in 2021 with the same vision- flaunt my creativity and create more scholarships.

Shop with confidence knowing you're helping someone else continue their education! 

Thank you for being here! 


Dr. Brittany Toole 

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